Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lost in Translation

Have you noticed how everything seems to be made in China these days? A close second are those made in Japan. And have you noticed the product info / instructions that are written on the labels that were haphazardly translated in English? My brothers and I get a kick out of reading these Chinese or Japanese product labels. I don't mean to make fun of them, but they are funny and they always make my day. And here's all the more reason why we should purchase their products. Here are some of them:

From a Chinese Herbal Diet Tea:
Nguan Heng Chan Special Herbing Tea
Suitable for all ages to reduce weight with efficiency and safe.
Suitable for all diet person who can't reduce weight by any method, have no any exercises and can't control eating.
This tea is really best for the person with fatty belly there is no laxative affect.

From a Japanese breakfast pastry package:
Through years of experience, Doutor Danish is produced from the finest materials to create a happy time on tables.

On a pack of Japanese rice tea cakes:
Burning politely, one by one,these cakes send deliciousness to you.

On a Japanese bread wrapper:
Take me home, let’s make happy in your basket!

On a bottle of Chinese medicine:
Known to cure itching, colds, stomachs, brains, and other diseases.

On the box of a toothbrush from a Tokyo hotel:
Gives you strong mouth and refreshing wind!

On a package of a Chinese dry tea biscuits:
A drink’s too wet without one.

And here's a fave of mine courtesy of Mr. Jim Paredes. It's from the label of a Chinese pantyliner brand called Anion:

1. Inside the cunt, anion can promote the exchange of biological enzyme
2. In sanitary napkin, the anion chip can instantly absorb blood

Apparently, the Chinese-to-English translator must have learned his English lessons by watching porno.

Here's more: comes with "lady vagina inflammation self-test paper". Whut???

And here's a photo of a brand of bottled water from Japan:

Diet Water?! I didn't know water was fattening! Now, that's one more thing to worry about...

Anyway, whenever you go grocery shopping, make it a habit to read the product labels first, just for laughs.


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Azzitizz said...

Gonna have to get myself some of that Chinese Herbal Diet Tea for my 'fatty belly'

Jim said...

Loved this!!

I used to joke about diet water. Now it's real!! Shish!

Jovi said...

OMG! Mr. Jim Paredes? Oh my!!! I'm so starstruck! Sir, thanks for the visit... I'm so honored...

Becky said...

AHAHAHA! I love the Bread! Take me home, let’s make happy in your basket! that doesn't sound dirty at all!

Jovi said...

My thoughts exactly! ;-)

ricochet said...

ya gr8 observation!! the diet water is nothin but a marketting well with people who do not work their asses up..add diet to the name and voila..!! it increases its brand value :-)

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